Published on March 20, 2004 By Superpsych In Blogging
I had no idea that this was a part of JU, but it's given me a good laugh this morning! Check out the referrals that lead to your blog site, and you might be surprised as to what you find! I certainly was...

He's a few examples of what the average Joe is searching for:

1 - My fingers are fat

2 - Look how stupid I am

3 - Uggs are stupid (What do you think this means?! lol)

4 - How to write a petition against gay marriage ( I can't believe this one led to my site!!)

5 - Where can I get to see Janet's breast again (OR THIS!!!!)

6 - Stupid looking cars

7 - How to make yourself look 5 years older

So, I'm now not sure what to make of that! Why on earth would my site be listed when someone searches for certain parts of Janet's anatomy? Or how to make yourself look older?? Very odd!

Let me know what you got - it's interesting reading!!


on Mar 20, 2004
I've written a paragraph about it in my post just a few hours before you did, I tend to attract freaks.
on Mar 20, 2004
on Mar 20, 2004
The reason you get the odd and totally off is because of the headlines for other articles on the sidebar. A blog about Janet's breast was listed as a "top article" and/or "top referred" for quite a while. The search engine does not differentiate between your content and the links in the side bar. I've had the same thing happen with people looking for how to customize Windows with skins (the computer kind, not the Ed Gein kind-- I hope), something I've never written about, but have seen headlines for other people writing about.

That explains Janet. As for stuff like "my fingers are fat" if people don't put quotation marks around their search terms (and few do) just having "fingers," "fat," and "my" anywhere in your article could conceivably make it come up in the search results.
on Mar 25, 2004
Oh, well that's ruined it then.... never mind!
on Mar 25, 2004
No no no! I am convinced the referals for "This site" are indeed personal to each persons site, seeing as each blogger has got their own web address for their blog site. So ner.
on Mar 26, 2004
What the man says makes sense, Superpsych.

on Mar 27, 2004
No, what I say makes sense. It does! : P
on Mar 27, 2004
I looked under my name and found this site, which I think each one of us has.... Link

I'm a candidate for something at least.
on Mar 28, 2004
on Mar 28, 2004
President Maxwell maybe?
on Mar 28, 2004
most of my referrals include the words "Trailor Trash" or "Psychology" which is kina funny.....

on Apr 02, 2004
lol - told you it was odd!