Published on February 15, 2004 By Superpsych In Blogging
Hi again people.

I'm sat at work on this very quiet sunday, and I am waiting for lunch to be served. It's a roast dinner today, so it should be nice, but the chef does have a tendency to put a handful of salt in with everything! Not finishing until 4pm today, and I started at 7am. I got here far too early because after I had taken my bloke to work, it was too late to go home, but too early to go to work! Guess which one won...

So, I'm tired because I was here last night too, and I worked 3-10pm, then had to wait at work until 10.20 so I could go and pick my bloke up from his work, then I drove home. But didn't get to bed until 12.30am or so cos a mate came round... Then had to get up at 5.30am so I was ready in time to take my bloke to work again!! Hopefully (fingers crossed) won't have to pick him up this afternoon as he might be able to get a lift, so then I can go home, put some washing on, and GO TO SLEEP!! Well, here's hoping, anyway...

So, that's my boring life. Sorry!

on Feb 15, 2004
whats your problem?

yes... i am 8 years old if it means anything to you.

i have never put you down directly, you really shouldn't instigate problems.
on Feb 15, 2004
Sorry, I didn't mean to put you down. I was just curious. You seem much older than 8 - are you pulling my leg??
on Feb 15, 2004
I'm lost. I thought Muggaz was about twenty-one.
on Feb 20, 2004
Me too, through my amazing detective work!