Published on March 5, 2004 By Superpsych In Blogging
I hate colds. A being awake all night really doesn't help matters. I can feel myself getting more bunged up by the minute! Had to get up at 6am today to take Finton to work. He had his motorbike stolen a few months back and has only just had notification of the money he'll receive for it from the insurance company. He should be getting a bike next Friday, so only a week more of horrid early mornings! Got home around 6.45 or so, then went to bed till 9am as I had to get up to go to a "qualifications ceremony" to receive my NVQ 2 certificate in care. Yey. That was all over by 12.30, then I had to sort out my house, post stuff, then wait for a call from Finton to pick him up again. Fun so far, no??

Tried sleep before I came to work, but just ended up lying in bed awake for 2 hours, so that has made me feel worse! Hopefully will get a decent sleep tomorrow morning. Only 7 hours to go till I get home!

Can't really think what to write at the moment cos I feel crappy. Think I'll go and watch some TV!


on Mar 05, 2004
I cannot get logged in no matter how I try, so I'm writing this way. Good to see you back at joesuer again.


I'll write more later. Just wanted to say hey. Said it. Goodbye.
on Mar 05, 2004
Hey! Nice to speak to you. I'm going over to Jamnia NOW as I am waaaaaaaaaaay out of date with the story!