...that is the question.
Published on March 9, 2004 By Superpsych In Blogging
So - pot, marijuana, mary jane, dope, draw, hash, grass, bud... whatever you want to call it. I'm curious to know everyone's views on the legalisation of said substance. I believe that it should be legalised. There. I said it!

Before I went to Uni, I never even thought about drugs. I suppose I didn't even realise that there was a world in which they existed, just because they didn't exist in mine. Once I hit Uni, I certainly discovered them, but didn't take them. I knew there was a dealer in my flat, and I even gave him my access card to chop up some grass! Unfortunately, another guy in the flat took too many of something, and ended up in some psych unit. That's all I ever heard about him!

When I met my partner, I had no idea he smoked pot to start with. Once I found out, I really didn't like it, and we did tend to argue about it quite a bit. Gradually, over the last 3 years I have grown used to it. So much so, that at last new year's eve, I decided to try some, and have been smoking the stuff ever since. How's that for a turnaround?

It's a strange thing, really, as I find it a very pleasant experience, and wonder why anyone would want to keep it illegal. What harm has anyone high on pot ever done to anyone? Just laughed themselves to death, most probably!

So, I invite your views and experiences. If you smoke it, how did you get started? If you don't, do you want to? Why? Or why don't you want to? I really am curious! I can understand why pills, coke, smack etc. should certainly be illegal as you have no idea what could be in them, plus many other reasons. But grass is completely natural!! And not physically addictive, which is a good thing.

What do you think??


on Mar 09, 2004
I had my first cone or bong on the last day of year 7... i was a fresh faced 12 year old, and my friends had some... i have never been one to shirk a challenge...

Up unitl yr 10, i had a few random brushes with Pot, but i did not smoke it, from that first time till the end of year 12, i smoked pot under ten times... It just didn't interest me so much, and my friends weren't into it, so i wasn't missing anything.

When i started going out with my Ex, i became friends with the guys from her school, who are all hard-core smokers... these guys are the epitoe of loser bong smokers... dead end jobs, no motivation, and no social life... i am glad i stopped hanging around them, but basically thats when the crux of my habit was formed. It was also comforting to have a joint in the safe enviroment of my sisters home, and a lot of my smoking was done there...

I smoke now more than i should... for example, after this weekend doing hardcore MDMA, my brother and i have been through a quarter of an ounce with our friends... but we would normally go through that much in a week - that includes a lot of guests at our house as well, so it aint a massive problem.

I am not really a supporter of the legalise argument, but i am for decriminalisation - which is basically where we are at in Australia at the moment... cops dont really care, and you wont get done for trafficking unless you have over 2 ounces split up in separate bags... I have simply seen too many idiots have their lives ruined by the drug...

I hate to sound righteous and arrogant, but i am smart enough and respect myself enough to not let this habit ruin my life... unfortunately, most people aren't as mentally strong, and will be susceptible to the procrastinating and anti-social effect pot un-deniably has.

on Mar 09, 2004
Not Physically addictive, however it is Psychologically addictive, and ver musch so, I have many friends who will attest to that, which is why some of them have been to detox centres for help, having said that it was due to their over use of pot which caused this, I too believe that pot should be legal, as it is my belief that most people already disregard the fact that it not, including law enforcement, to the point that it generally police practice in Australia to ignor users, and only go after the criminal element who mass produce the drug. It would also be nice if there was more use made of Hemp, as it has so many uses.
on Mar 09, 2004
Cool, thanks guys. I agree that it can be very psychologically addictive, but on a personal level I might only smoke one joint a night, maybe not even that, depending on what I'm doing. I suppose if people don't have anything else to do, then it could take over their lives. Yes, I agree that just having it decriminalised is good. It has recently been moved from class b to c here, so it's not so bad to possess it, but I don't know the ins and outs and numbers...

The people who sell it in large quantities - fine. But not if they are selling it at extortionate prices, or harming people to do so. If it was properly decriminalised, then it's less likely to be a problem, maybe? I don't know!
on Mar 09, 2004
I didn't try it until I was about 37yrs. old (I know, I know......har har!), because I was "afraid" of it, listening to all the garbage about "become a pot smoker today, mainline heroin next week"....blah, blah, blah. I didn't get stoned the first time, not one bit.....but someone had the presence of mind to know I had to try it one more time, and truthfully, I can say that I have not and will not ever be that high again (bummer). It's one thing to be an asshole about it, but I see no problem in being a responsible weed smoker i.e., don't go to work stoned, don't drive stoned, and get your shit together before you "relax". I personally shy away from man-made chemicals, but see nothing wrong with weed, shrooms. and cactus. As far as legalizing it goes? I doubt it will happen in my lifetime (maybe yours)...but there may be some hope for decriminalizing it, it would leave some room in prison for the real criminals. This blog site is pretty much (but not all) right-wing conservatives, so this topic catches alot of heat from that side....but I don't see how you can judge something before you try it. Maybe there's some fear that if they try weed, they might just like it "too much". As for whether or not it is harmful, here is a site from The Institute of Medicine:

on Mar 09, 2004
Cheers debidoll I suppose I was afraid of it too, but I was mostly afraid of asking to try it when I had been the one going on about not smoking it for so long!! I agree with being responsible, definitely. And making sure that your Dad doesn't walk in on you smoking - that's a useful one!! Oops!

Picking shrooms can be almost as good as taking them but I've only tried them once. Again, I'm advocating the natural stuff here...

on Mar 13, 2004
Up until the 1950's it wasn't illegal in the U.S. But since it's legalization the way pot is grown here is with a much higher intoxication content than it naturally has. There's really no right or wrong. I think it depends on who you are and especially on what society you belong to and how marijuana is viewed there. Where I live it's not easy to get, usually of bad quality (from what I hear) and everyone I know who smokes pot is a pothead. There are no casual users around here. But that's here, in northern Indiana, with people in their mid-twenties. What goes on here doesn't necessarily translate to what goes on elsewhere.
on Mar 13, 2004
I just saw a typo in the second sentence. I meant "since it's banning" not, since it's legalization.
on Mar 14, 2004
Yeah, I certainly have to say I'm a "casual user". Just have one or two of an evening to relax. And I definitely know quite a few pot heads round here, so it can translate to anywhere!!