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April 3, 2004 by Superpsych
Then come on over to become a vampire!!
April 2, 2004 by Superpsych
Please check out my other blogging site Link

March 26, 2004 by Superpsych
Thought I'd better write a little bitty before I drop to 40th

I'm again stuck at work with nothing pressing to do, so I thought I would drop into JU to say helllloooo!

I work for 2 companies, and the other one is a supported living company, which means we support people with disabilities who want to live in the community as independently as possible. I only work part time for them as a support worker, and I work part time as an assistant manager in the residential home for social service...
March 20, 2004 by Superpsych
I had no idea that this was a part of JU, but it's given me a good laugh this morning! Check out the referrals that lead to your blog site, and you might be surprised as to what you find! I certainly was...

He's a few examples of what the average Joe is searching for:

1 - My fingers are fat

2 - Look how stupid I am

3 - Uggs are stupid (What do you think this means?! lol)

4 - How to write a petition against gay marriage ( I can't believe this one led to my site!!)

5 - Where can ...
March 14, 2004 by Superpsych
I have 2 friends who are married, and I met them through my Fiance as the man (lets call him D), works with my man. D and his wife (I'm calling her S) have become pretty good friends to us, and we've been going round each others houses, relaxing, having a laugh etc. You know, generally what friends do.

I found out recently that D has been having an affair behind S's back. My bloke told me because he felt he couldn't lie and keep it from me, but D doesn't know that I know. I suppose that "af...
March 6, 2004 by Superpsych
I think I must be. I can never really think what to write, and when I do think of something, I hardly get any replies! The only time I got loads was with that whole "deleted" thing, which is not really a great thing to add to my JoeUser CV...

Contemplating writing some rude words and marking this adult content! I suppose I would at least get hits that way

I don't quite know what stance to take on this one really. Do I open my heart more? I did that before and got flamed by a few... (but ...
March 5, 2004 by Superpsych
I hate colds. A being awake all night really doesn't help matters. I can feel myself getting more bunged up by the minute! Had to get up at 6am today to take Finton to work. He had his motorbike stolen a few months back and has only just had notification of the money he'll receive for it from the insurance company. He should be getting a bike next Friday, so only a week more of horrid early mornings! Got home around 6.45 or so, then went to bed till 9am as I had to get up to go to a "qualificat...
February 15, 2004 by Superpsych
Hi again people.

I'm sat at work on this very quiet sunday, and I am waiting for lunch to be served. It's a roast dinner today, so it should be nice, but the chef does have a tendency to put a handful of salt in with everything! Not finishing until 4pm today, and I started at 7am. I got here far too early because after I had taken my bloke to work, it was too late to go home, but too early to go to work! Guess which one won...

So, I'm tired because I was here last night too, and I worked 3...
February 9, 2004 by Superpsych
Hi everyone.

Very sorry about the past few mental days. I'm hoping things will calm down now... Thanks for all your comments, support, and otherwise!

On to more exciting things! Back at work again (getting fat fingers by sitting at the computer all night! I know I shouldn't, but I just couldn't help it...). I've actually done some of my medication course tonight, so I'm pleased. I really need to get on with my other courses, but I don't have a huge amount of motivation in the middle of the...
March 1, 2004 by Superpsych
I was trawling through some of the forum posts, when I decided to read the article "Abortion is murder" as it had around 190 posts, in the category "politics" (a new one for me!). I got part way through the first page, then commented on someone elses comment because in my sleep deprived state I had failed to notice that there were 3 more pages.... I then went ahead and read it all, and now looking back at the time of my original comment, it took me over an hour to read the lot! It is actually ...
February 28, 2004 by Superpsych
I'm back! It's been a while, but I've either not been at work, or when I have been, it's been stupidly busy (for a change). I thought while it was a quiet night, I would take the op to write something or other, and keep my fingers nimble.

I got a nuew mobile today, and it's pretty cool. Well, I like it! I upgraded from my crappy nokia to a funky motorola flip mx200, with a cool colour screen and windows based op-sys : ) It's been fun so far, but I haven't charged it up enough yet, so everyth...
February 6, 2004 by Superpsych
I thought I would try and put all that nonsense with deleted behind me, and write an ordinary blog. I think he got me too riled up.

As you will have probably guessed, if you have kindly read my other blogs, I am on another waking night, and not wanting to do too much work. I'm actually getting slightly bored and pissed off with this place at the moment, and this is the best forum to vent in. I've been trying to organise about a week off from both my jobs, and it has proved a absolute nightmar...
February 6, 2004 by Superpsych
It seems, as I have been informed, that deleted is no more. So, deleted, how are you going to manifest youself now? I think maybe you came back as "oops"? What happened? I'm distraught.
February 6, 2004 by Superpsych
What was I thinking? I must be a maniac with a baby that killed itself. Deleted deserves to be president!!
February 4, 2004 by Superpsych
Does anyone know how to change your original email with joeuser?