Published on March 26, 2004 By Superpsych In Blogging
Thought I'd better write a little bitty before I drop to 40th

I'm again stuck at work with nothing pressing to do, so I thought I would drop into JU to say helllloooo!

I work for 2 companies, and the other one is a supported living company, which means we support people with disabilities who want to live in the community as independently as possible. I only work part time for them as a support worker, and I work part time as an assistant manager in the residential home for social services, so that is my main job. Make sense? Good.

Lifeways rang me today (the community co.) and asked if I was interested in working for them full time, and as a senior support worker, which is more money (and more responsibility). Unfortunately, I am committed to the residential home for the time being as they are paying for my courses that I doing. I explained all this, and said that I was interested but not able to take them up at this time. They then said they would look into it, and I might be able to work part time instead, so I might get a promotion after all! That would be cool because it would be more money for the same hours, and I would only stick with one client. Plus it's something nice for my CV

Anyway, have just been told that a client "isn't feeling well", so I suppose I'll have to go and sort that out!

on Mar 26, 2004
Congrats on your possible promotion! Oh... and welcome back. Good to see an old face back again.

on Mar 26, 2004
Yay for you!!!!

Isn't it nice to feel necessary like that?
on Mar 27, 2004
Yep! I like the idea that they are "headhunting" me, in a way

I'm glad to be back, although I didn't really go anywhere!! lol

Thanks guys,

on Mar 28, 2004
"I'm glad to be back, although I didn't really go anywhere!! lol"

lol funny how that works, eh?

on Mar 28, 2004
True Quite a philosophical idea, if you squint your eyes up and look at it in a bad light...

I'm here, but yet I'm not, so when I came back people noticed that I had come back even though I had never been away! Yes.